Unexpected- Exo fan fic.

Unexpected- Exo fan fic.

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Hey the names Choi Seul Gi but just call me Seul Gi.

People believe that my life is perfect. They think I am perfect.

However, that is far from the truth because my life is pretty much as bad as it gets.

That was until 12 new students entered the school and changed my life around.

But everything was unexpected...

They were unexpected...

And to be honest, so was I..

So this is where it all began...

melissa_aml melissa_aml Nov 28
damn , pay for school lessons too ? hell nah bye i'm outta here
Sosing120 Sosing120 Feb 10
Every story I read. IN EVERY STORY I READ THERE HAS TO BE A BAD GIRL! Dont tell me she's gonna bully me because I stole her "oppa" (Exo) *sigh* or her boyfriend. If she has one...
Shouldn't you just be smarter...not rich to be in this class
Sosing120 Sosing120 Feb 10
So mean. IM SMART BUT IM NOT RICH! *sigh* I actually had to say "so mean" out loud irl to describe how mean it is -_-
exoticforever27 exoticforever27 Mar 15, 2014
@JulietteA  haha glad you like it. I'm trying to put in more detail but still following the plot of the story haha :D
JulietteA JulietteA Mar 15, 2014
Yay a new chapter ;)
                              I love it<3 
                              It is different of the first one so it is another feeling reading it!
                              Thank you;)