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The Awkward Love Song of Abigail Archer {Complete}

The Awkward Love Song of Abigail Archer {Complete}

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Monica Sanz By DistantDreamer Updated Jun 10, 2015

Abigail Archer lived a non-existent life. That is until Death arrived at her door with an interesting proposition...
He asks her to live.
But what will Abigail do when she realizes her only reason to live is Death itself?

And what will Death do when he realizes that in Abigail, he has found life?

kaylovehorror kaylovehorror Nov 21, 2016
I have found you once again.... This was my first book on wattpad an I had lost it and being a finvarra fan I was on Amazon when I found the name appear I rushed back here excited hoping I could read it I'm sooo happy lol....😊
K_Opell K_Opell Jul 06, 2016
Such beautiful writing. I already love the characters and story.
AllisonWhitmore AllisonWhitmore Sep 24, 2015
I love the use of language, use of metaphors and visual writing. I also love the idea of the soul collector--it's intriguing. Abigail also is very intriguing herself. Poor thing!
RickyPine RickyPine Sep 12, 2015
Aww, such sad young lovers... :( I've already got serious feels for Abigail for so many reasons, not the least of which is your casting choice of Mia Wasikowska. #Alice4Ever #Abigail2Day And her wanting to do Dead Like Me just for a change of pace...been there too. Who hasn't?
JEHallows JEHallows Aug 31, 2015
Very well written opening chapter!! I'm intrigued by the idea of Abigail waiting for Death to turn up. And you've packed plenty of emotion into this first chapter, too. I really like your writing style.
TheVandiShow TheVandiShow Jun 10, 2015
It must be a horrible existence when someone considers death a vacation from they're living.  Worse still when death rejects you.  Absolutely beautiful writing here.  
                              Reading on...