Heroes Of The Galaxy! (Boboiboy x reader Oneshots)

Heroes Of The Galaxy! (Boboiboy x reader Oneshots)

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Princess of Magic By HayameMichiko Updated Dec 28, 2018

(Y/N) is a Princess of Kindness, Friendship and Happiness from another dimension/realm. When she is one year old, she is captured and experimented on something. After being captured and experimented, she also have angel and demon blood in her body making her extremely powerful and dangerous. People afraid of her and tend to distant themselves making her extremely lonely. She also aware that there is many other realm in the universe. 

One day, when she is three, Princess Luna brought a two years old girl in the castle, her name is (B/F/N) and they become friends immediately, but one day (B/F/N) died from a tragedy. (Y/n) is traumatized by that and she keep herself away from crowd and attention. (Y/N) Stop growing at the age 18 and continue to live alone. It's been 10,000 years since that day and it's been 6,500 years since she come to earth. 

Now, she's back on earth and try to live like a normal human. Trying her best to keep her secret she stumble upon the Heroes of The Galaxy. And so, her story begins.

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