The Vengeance Of A Lover: A Taboo

The Vengeance Of A Lover: A Taboo

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Aditi❣️ By lostsoul_aditi26 Updated Jul 08

A tale of true love, life and betrayal. A gripping thriller and mystery that would land you in the world of fiction.
Jeffrey is a multimillionaire businessman, he had worked day and night to stand in this position today. But money can't buy you everything. Living a life of almost no excitement he sails with the winds. Following his fortune.

Life takes a turn in Aharbal, where people are not what they look like.

A drunken night and a car accident turned his life upside down. And the future seemed blurred.

The victim of the accident, is already a mystery the fact that she remembers nothing from her past just adds to her unfathomable character. Being the good guy, he brought the girl along with him, little did he knew that she is gonna be the end of him.

With beauty which could not be measured up and with courage that of a tigress, she is the ideal girl to tame the most eligible bachelor of Ranova (Jeffrey). But with so much hate, overpowering any other emotions, could she ever be able to love him that way? 

Will they ever become lovers? 

There is always a threat, an alarm, a warning, a history which scares him day and night. There are some secrets that one shouldn't know about. Secrets which are murderous. There is someone who knows it all. The one who won't let go his past and is determined to ruin his future.
End his life. 

Jeffrey must discover, their identity before its too late. For himself and his lover......

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