Within the City (Sequal to Within the Forest)

Within the City (Sequal to Within the Forest)

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Sun Angels By SolangeloDemigod Updated Jun 04

After finally finding Nico in forest, Percy and the others finally bring him home. With a giant wolf at his heels, they welcome the boy back into human society. They can finally prove Nathaniel's involvement with Nico's attempted murder and could send him away for good. Yet Nico's seemingly unhealthy attachment to his giant wolf friend is leaving his friends stumped. Also the fact that Nico seems completely unaffected by his months in the forest, seeming healthy as ever. Maybe more. What happened out in the woods? 

Although Nico has missed living in the city, he couldn't leave Will. Not after everything they've gone through. How close they've grown. So when his friends agree to let Will, who they see as a giant wolf Nico has managed to tame, stay with them, Nico doesn't hesitate to go. He finally gets to show Will what life in a human city is like. How money works. What cars were. It's going to be amazing. But little does he know, Nathaniel disappeared the day it was made public that Nico has been found alive and well. The police have turned the city upside down, but no one knows where he could be. 

Will Will/Sol managed to adjust to human life? What will the Southern Pack do without their Alphas? Will Nathaniel come back to finish what he started? This is where our story continues.

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