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Alls Fair In Love and War

Alls Fair In Love and War

754 Reads 8 Votes 6 Part Story
Gabby By almostlover Updated Mar 13, 2011

The day Grace Park was kidnapped she changed. From optimist to pessimist she still fights with more hope than anyone else. She doesn’t know why  they want her but until she figures it out she will just have to study and train as they say. She’s not training to become a doctor she’s training to become the best assassin in history. With the bad guys trying to kill her every moment they get she’s always on her toes. Good thing she’s got some pretty hilarious friends to back her up. Can she survive and fulfill her purpose at Kira Academy or will she fail and let the bad guys win. The future of a school and the world are riding on her shoulders. Time to step it up a notch Grace.

_Mercury_ _Mercury_ Mar 02, 2011
Just discovered the story and im liking it so far, lots of mystery which i cant wait to discover.
                              added to my reading list :)
almostlover almostlover Mar 02, 2011
@Brightstar2011 lol yeah so am i. thats kinda why i made her character like that lol. alot of her personality is like mine...except i would never be able to fight like she can is the next couple of chapters lol
Brightstar2011 Brightstar2011 Mar 02, 2011
Hahaha this is really interesting XD
                              I kinda wish there were more answers though >.< I'm kinda like Grace in that I like to know things.
FlowerofHope FlowerofHope Feb 28, 2011
Really good this really pulls me in and I want to read more so I'm going to continue(: Great Work
almostlover almostlover Feb 27, 2011
@trishthewriter i edited the first chapter and i was wondering if it was any better
Jazzie14 Jazzie14 Feb 27, 2011
Nice wording..i like it ! :) comment on my poetry , ill appreciate it .