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The Joy of The Playboy (COMPLETED)

The Joy of The Playboy (COMPLETED)

912K Reads 10K Votes 63 Part Story
queenerich By queenerich Completed

#55 in Romance Category as of August 9, 2018

*Note: FOR ADULTS ONLY. Readers below 18 years of age, this story isn't for you so please, try to read the story/ies that suit your age.


For Ligaya, the magic has ended the moment her first love broke her heart.  Those countless cheating were too much to bear so she decided to save herself and start a new life.

Ten years later, she met a man whom she fell in love with but this time her mind doesn't agree  with what her heart is yearning for. Mind before heart-that's what she told herself again and again.

  • age
  • erotica
  • family
  • filipino
  • gap
  • generalfiction
  • hate
  • joy
  • love
  • loveaffair
  • playboy
  • queen
  • romance
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