ECHIZEN RIKA (prince of tennis story)

ECHIZEN RIKA (prince of tennis story)

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Sasaki-Chan By sasaki_Senna Completed

After being in rehab for 3 years, Echizen Rika is finally back.

She then enrolled in Seigaku where her little brother is. She met the tennis boys club and as well as some troublesome other guys!!

After being selected as their manager, she became the hellish trainer that Ryoma knows.

She have met many friends, rivals, foes... And even a lover!!

Yet, She still have her fears... That no one knows, not even Ryom which she's still trying to hide...

As time passes, her secret slowly revealed....

[A/N: I do not own Prince of Tennis! Only my character Echizen Rika!!]

LOL rika was actually the name of my OC. Technically, I am Yushi's sister.
I think I'm gonna like this story. Later on, author-chan,  you might see another comment saying,  " Called it!!! I love this book!! ^_^" Well, see you then!!
m3126c m3126c Jul 16, 2014
One of the only reasons I took interest is because I think Fuji is gonna be in this story more! Fuji is my favorite character tied with Yukimura so I hope one of them show up a lot.