The Dragon Summoner (A Fairy Tail Fanfic)

The Dragon Summoner (A Fairy Tail Fanfic)

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The_Mafia_Decimas By The_Mafia_Decimas Updated Jun 25

Who would've thought that Sting Eucliffe would have a sister?

Before being a Sabertooth Top Elite Member, he had a past just like the rest. Their parents left them, Stella Eucliffe was his world, not in any romantic way but in a family way.

Sting and Stella was the best of friends and sibling, Keyword: Was...

There was an accident and all those cliché moments, seperated the siblings, the other became a Sabertooth member and the other became a Fairy Tail member.

The two siblings may have been seperated but they would always think about family, each other.

Fairy Tail versus Sabertooth!

What if in the Arena the siblings reunite? To restore the lost glory and To remain on top.

How will everyone react to this? 

Oh there is one who has got his eyes on her... 

Stella is hiding something BIG what could it be????

Keep reading to find out!

I Don't Own Fairy Tail!!!!

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Ok first off Back the fk away from me...second who would want a dirty perverted old man who probably has a million cases of Std...Third Your not really worth my time..finally You thought you could have all this sweet stuff, but Your way out of my league..
Theyre supposed to be 5 yrs apart...common sense...
                              Sting was 12 but add 5 and its 17...
                              Stella was 7 but add 5 and its 12...
Rouge already asked you to join his guild though . he said if you wanted a guild go to sabertooth . She said it like she wasn't welcome their .
Meloetta115 Meloetta115 Oct 26
I would never wear a dress of it wasn't absolutely Necessary
Remember from the series...Sting and Rogue"The Twin Dragonslayers of Light and Shadow"...
Umm...Skiadrum and Weisslogia are twins...Acnologia is the evil dragon...