TomTord oneshots (1 | Completed ✔️ )

TomTord oneshots (1 | Completed ✔️ )

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TheBlueHoodieJehovah By TheRedHoodieCommie Completed

I honestly, hate this book because there is sometimes rape in it and the story makes no sense. (But, I was only 10 at the that time I didn't really know.) Kk that's all. 


I know it's called ONEshots but I need to make 2 or 3 parts or something so eh 

1.If you requested something please wait patiently because I'm busy most of the times 

2.No Dom Tord or Sub Tom 

3.Switching subs and doms are allowed just like the chapter I made read it for an example it's called '╭∩╮(ÒwÓ) ╭∩╮< Smut'

4.Dont Harass me if you don't like Tord sub or whatever leave the book if you'll harass me or say bad things about this book 

5.Please take note that Smut sometimes makes me uncomfortable so it takes me awhile to write that stuff 

6.Don't mind my spelling mistakes I don't really care about them if you can't read the ones that have spelling mistakes please tell me...

7.Im a I'm and nicknamed Joyce if ya didn't know. if you don't like to call me Joyce call me :Commie,Red,or Something else

8.No Tord Tom Edd Matt or any other eddsworld characters x Reader