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Fatal Instincts (Book 1, the Fatal Trilogy Series)

Fatal Instincts (Book 1, the Fatal Trilogy Series)

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Shelby V Painter By Shelby_Painter Completed

Alyssa Barnes must conquer her monsters or risk becoming one herself - but gang leader Daimon Kross might be a dangerous distraction. 
Past traumas have taught Alyssa Barnes to not shy away from dangerous men and to show no fear, not even when she encounters the deadly biker gang leader, Daimon Kross. But the notorious Kross bikers may not be all they seem to be, and Alyssa might not be the only one with secrets to protect. Will the power struggle lead to bloodshed? In ways she never expected, Alyssa finds out that sometimes love doesn't just howls. 

Content and/or trigger warning: This story contains scenes of sexual activity, abuse, self-harm, and suicide that may be triggering for some readers.

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

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