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Allie By AllieHedwig Updated Mar 21

As I walked towards the edge of the stage, all I could see was one girl. All the lights seemed to fall on her. She looked familiar. *gasps* Zane sing!

It was Kenzie. My Kenzie. I had to stop myself from running off stage towards her. So, I started walking in her direction and leapt off stage. All I could see was Kenzie. Fans kept trying to get me to stop, but no, all I wanted was her.

Once I was inches away from her, I asked the crowd to sing while I took her in my arms. I had a strange feeling of finally feeling complete.

It took every ounce of will power to stop myself from scooping her up and locking my lips on to hers. And at that moment, it felt like Kenzie had the same thoughts. An electric current I had never felt before coursed through my body when her gaze dropped to my lips.

When love is meant to be, there is nothing holding it back. A story about how destiny brings together a world-famous singer (Zane Andrews - based on Shawn Mendes but not exactly him) and a working girl with big dreams (Mackenzie Cullen).