Launch Code

Launch Code

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Christine Owen By Christine_Owen Updated 2 days ago

George has the nuclear launch codes inside his heart. Because that's a good idea.


In March of 1981, it was suggested that the final numbers in the nuclear launch code be implanted next to the heart of a volunteer. If the President felt the need to take millions of lives with nuclear weapons, he would have to first kill the innocent to get the codes. Officially, this was determined too extreme of a way to deter the carnage of nuclear war...


Warning: language, violence, and sexual themes

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StoryofAshlyn StoryofAshlyn May 11, 2018
Holy wow - the imagery in here is awesome - "iodine-smeared forearms shaking" - "human briefcase of bloody decisions" + the intro letter, setting up immediate conflict and consequences. Love the first chapter! Looking forward to reading the rest.
bibliolumbricus bibliolumbricus Apr 05, 2018
Great start. How much is George getting paid for this? Super curious about how he got to this point. You have me very much intrigued. Also curious to see how this all plays out!
mestrin mestrin Feb 01, 2018
Really great start! Fantastic job! And I'm really into this voice. Keep it up!
Red_Harvey Red_Harvey Feb 09, 2018
Awesome premise. Reminds me of an episode from The Leftovers.
mestrin mestrin Feb 01, 2018
Does George have to become a vegan? I think that would cut way back on volunteers. I do vegan meals a few nights a week and I'm learning to love almond milk, but I need eggs.
mestrin mestrin Feb 01, 2018
Wow. I assume that's a real quote? How did you find this? Great premise!