Gay, Hell No I'm Not! (BoyxBoy)

Gay, Hell No I'm Not! (BoyxBoy)

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Jena By BlazeBlue96 Updated May 13

[Second book, read Gay, Hell Yeah I Am! first]

Aiden's always known something was wrong with him. It wasn't normal to be attracted to another guy, yet he was, and he hated that about himself. He wanted to get rid of those disgusting feelings. It didn't help that he was jealous of Kyle for his ability to openly admit that he is gay, that was probably partly the reason why he always found himself bullying Kyle, but now all that was in the past.

After Kyle's dad was sent to prison for attempted murder, child abuse, and a whole lot of other crap, you would think that everything would return back to the same old boring life that Aiden used to live, but no, things just aren't that easy are they.

This is where Nathan comes into the picture, Aiden's first love who moved back into town after three years of living somewhere else. However, there's a problem: due to past regrets Nathan has come to seriously hate Aiden, and it was all Aiden's fault.

How is Aiden going to be able to overcome this obstacle and make Nathan fall for him? Or will he just end up making it worse? 

Come and find out...

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XxTest_MexX XxTest_MexX Apr 20
Hold up biatch!!!! WTF do you mean by LOVE? I need more details!!!
Tori160601 Tori160601 Apr 13, 2016
Isnt that like the exact same description used in the first book of him?
lopsided_smile lopsided_smile Sep 02, 2016
How dafuq do characters on wattpad see all this stuff in people's eyes, all I see is a type of color
Thatgirlthatships Thatgirlthatships May 25, 2016
I feel like everyone reading this is like best friends with Aiden and we all want to know about his love life with our comments
animeboylover1423 animeboylover1423 Jan 10, 2016
Mr. Anderson was the name of my 7th grade social studies teacher
hummelkurt hummelkurt Nov 29, 2015
Oh my god wow, some way to show a friend how he use to remember him. Anyway! I really loved the first book, can't wait to read and enjoy this one and along with the others. With the first book, I can relate so much to it.