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Pen Your Pride
White Wolf Troubles

White Wolf Troubles

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exoticderp By exoticderp Updated Jun 04, 2016

"Mine." He turned around growling low. His eyes change immediately after seeing me. The blonde next to him glared down at me.   "THAT'S YOUR MATE!!" My wolf was practically throwing a party in my head. I looked up at him raising an eyebrow. My mate was Daemon Wilton, the alpha of the second strongest pack, Blood Moon. Also known as the popular jock that girls throw themselves back at. He looked amazing. His hazel eyes were perfect with his warm brown hair. He just looked perfect!   "Mine." I whispered back stepping closer.   " way! You're my mate?! Is this a joke? How are you qualified as a Luna?" He laughed at my face. That really hurt me, more than Emma's death hugs and that's really saying something.   I walked up to Daemon until our faces were inches apart. Even if it hurt when he said that, there is no way in hell that I will just take it in and cry.   "Who said I wanted to be your mate?" I narrowed my eyes at him. Pain and surprise flashed across his eyes for a moment and was immediately replaced by a cocky smirk.  "Who wouldn't want to be?" He replied. Okay, apparently I have a mate with a big ego.   "I don't." I smirked right back at him. Two can play at this game buddy.   "Fine!" He humphed moving closer making our noses touch. Just one more centimeter and our lips would connect.   "Fine." As I said that, our lips slightly touched and he started kissing me, but I pulled away quickly. Anger flashed in his eyes.  "Well aren't you going to reject me? You know, cuz I'm a joke?" I rolled my eyes sarcastically but I actually wanted him to say no. My heart was breaking.  "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? HE'S YOUR MATE!! AND YOU WANT HIM TO REJECT YOU!?" My wolf mentally slapped me.   "OUR "MATE" JUST CALLED ME A JOKE! SO SHUT UP!" I shut her off and looked at Daemon half challenging and half pleading.   "Hell yea I will! Who would want a mate like you? I, Daemon Wilton, reject you, my mate, Ella Knight."

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tonyj2 tonyj2 May 02
By all means keep on Writing I want to know what the book is about🐯🐯
Miss_Know_It_All_05 Miss_Know_It_All_05 Nov 07, 2017
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop 
                              THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW
combinedstupidity combinedstupidity Aug 14, 2016
One time i accidentally put too much syrup and my face looked like i was going to burst
tg4104 tg4104 Sep 15, 2016
Author should have REALLY named this 
                              'White Wolf Problems' and made the cover the Starbucks sign!!!
TheOhHolyOne TheOhHolyOne May 13, 2016
Well that's a change of mind. Majority of the time in these books, the main character would already be shouting to keep the PDA to a minimum
canyounotsahra canyounotsahra Nov 09, 2014
I swear If you ask any of my friends, they will say the exact same thing about me