Doctor Who: Broken Souls of Dying Angels (Revised)

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Sarah Golden By DoctorsLittleHelper Completed
You and The Doctor end up in 1977. The TARDIS goes missing and the two of you end up spending the night in an old hotel. But are the pretty statues the decorate the building friendly. That question is answered when you meet the most important girl ever and you realize these holy angles are flesh eating monsters.
Okay, sorry, had to delete that comment, not allowed to swear on Wattpad :) 
                                    I loved those angel Doctor Who episodes, they really...scared me. I haven't read it yet, but I'm about to.
Got to admit I like this story so far. I'm usually not a big fan of the whole second person thing, but it's working for this story.
Not really a criticism to the story as such, because so far I like it, but each time a new person speaks it should be on it's own paragraph.