Blackmail: A Larry Stylinson Story {Temporary Hiatus}

Blackmail: A Larry Stylinson Story {Temporary Hiatus}

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Lauren By LaurenElizabeth08 Updated Apr 06, 2013

'How far would you go to save the one you love? Would you steal, lie, leave them broken but safe? Or would you have them with you, yet in danger for as long as they lived? What would you chose?'

Contains boyXboy material and self harm scenes. If you don't like reading that sort of thing, then please don't read :)

Please keep in mind that this story is FICTION. None of it is real

LaurenElizabeth08 LaurenElizabeth08 May 16, 2013
@TorhuAcevedo No Harry and Louis didn't actually kiss, that's why Liam and Zayn acted normally
VictoryAndDefeat VictoryAndDefeat Mar 06, 2013
@ReneeBrown3268 Okay.. Riot fave CD from Paramore.. Just saying... ANYWAS I lovve this.. Its awesome and CAROLINE.... NOOOO but I like it
ReneeBrown3268 ReneeBrown3268 Feb 17, 2013
Love it so much! This is the reason why i became a Directioner... *********************************************
TheDanePhanXx TheDanePhanXx Feb 08, 2013
Noo man for reals, if Haroline comes back I'll be all like..freeze you diseased rhinocourous pizzle -_0.. I'm joking I'm joking..
TornbyHoran TornbyHoran Jan 05, 2013
Wow  omg the feels of Larry <3 I really love this it's MAGICAL ALREADY!! Keep up the amazing work! 
- - Oct 14, 2012
this is sooo good. I wish larry would tape a food fight for our shipping hearts...then again it'd probably kill us