Almost Godly

Almost Godly

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Christian By amoenitas Updated Feb 23, 2018

What's behind curtain number one? Renee Mallendaine's great personality outweighs the fact his kisses have this funny little habit of turning mortal men into monsters. Other than that small road bump, he's quite the catch. He's short, but not in an annoying elf sort of way. He has brown hair with goddess given highlights. And who can forget those full, pouty, lips! 

Oh and did I mention he's at that uncomfortable age before he realizes his role in an age-old prophecy that describes how to unseal the path to an ancient power that was better left forgotten? What about the political power struggle between Hades and Hera and how their conflict might result in the war to end all wars? Or the university established to train and teach this demigod how not to suffer a gruesome death? 

If this intrigues you, and you know it does, then look no further! All this and more awaits you if you choose curtain number one. So check him, and this story, out before his confidence soars too high for you to catch, mister, mam, or undefined.

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