Secrets of Silver Lake [Book One]

Secrets of Silver Lake [Book One]

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Silver Lake Series: Book One

Be careful what you wish for. 

Paige has spent most of her life institutionalized after causing a house fire that almost killed her cousin when she was young. Her mother is deceased and she's never met her father. Now, as she turns seventeen, she is suddenly released and sent to live with her father's family. While uncovering dark family secrets, Paige discovers she's stronger than she thought and possesses mysterious powers she never knew existed. Looking for answers as to why she was brought to Silver Lake in the first place, Paige must figure out who she can trust and who only wants her for her newfound abilities.


Secrets of Silver Lake (Book One)
Mysteries of Silver Lake (Book Two) COMING SOON
Return to Silver Lake (Book Three) COMING SOON
New Beginnings in Silver Lake (Book Four) COMING SOON