The Fox and The Wolf #Scira

The Fox and The Wolf #Scira

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meli By donttouchmyjeep Updated Jul 30, 2019

After two years of mastering her power, the thunder Kitsune, Kira Yukimura returns back to Beacon Hills, to her family and friends. 
She hopes to live a normal life again, but not everything is as it was two years ago. 
With her new powers and her friends she finds herself fighting against the cruelest creature, to save the future she worked hard for. 
Scott McCall, the true alpha, who witnessed all what happened in Beacon Hills these past two years and struggled to protect everyone, has to find a new way to save his friends and the love of his life, while also encountering hardships which though, lead him to new friendships and stronger bonds. 

Both come to realize that time may change everything, but fate never changes. 
And so they try to find their way back to each other. 

This story is dedicated to every Kira Yukimura and Scott McCall fan and Scira shipper! This story is mainly about Kira improving her powers as a Kitsune and Kira getting the LOVE she deserves. 

*warning: there are many fight scenes, not as violent as the ones in the actual show tho - so if you watched the show, these fight scenes may not be as brutal as you know, but still contain violence* 

**this fanfiction plays after season 6 

Disclaimer: I do not own teen wolf or any of the characters, only my own.