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My Alpha (sterek/scisaac)

My Alpha (sterek/scisaac)

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gay_ships-yay_ships By gay_ships-yay_ships Updated Feb 02, 2016

chapter 1

Stiles p.o.v

Me and Derek hate each other. Alot .To the point where if I were a wolf I'd tear his throat out . Which is basically what he wants to do to me. I hate him and he hates me. But I dont know why? maybe its cause im a sarcastic, talkative, happy teenager. Emphasis on the HAPPY part . Derek is never happy.  I don't think I've ever seen that man smile. Even when something good happens he simply thanks people with out the hospitality of a smile. 

I know why I hate Derek. I have actual reason to. He stole my best friend from me . Scott and  I use to be the closest friends. We use to hang out all the time 24/7 me and Scott. Now that Derek scratched him and he has a girlfriend(Alison Argent who I will explain later) he doesn't need me anymore. We barley even talk. Derek stole him. My best friend and thats something I can never forgive him for.

Now for Alison. Alison Argent is probably second in line on my list of people to hate right next to Derek. She's a werewolf hun...

When you don't see the first sentence and think of something completely different than what he was actually saying 😏😏😂😂
castielxdean castielxdean Feb 14, 2016
You know who wear sunglasses inside ? Blind people and DOUCHE BAGS!- D.W
- - Sep 27, 2015
Is it just me or do any of you not find her attractive? I don't know, I'm on season 1 episode 7 though so maybe she gets better idk
Kairiicx Kairiicx Sep 10, 2015
If you don't like it keep it to yourself, smh. Haven't your parents ever told you to keep your trap shut if you don't have anything nice to say?
rainbowziam rainbowziam Aug 22, 2015
Damn they make grammar mistakes so what? The story might be really good so give it a chance