Black Angel (a Naruto fanfiction)

Black Angel (a Naruto fanfiction)

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I'm not like the others.

Every one was born with the white wings that carried my forefathers into battle with whispers of prayer and chakra to attack the enemies of ones as holy.
This is the Tenshi clan: the clan of the demi angels who were born with the beautiful transformation to have their own white wings, to mix their chakra with the whispers of prayers to heal, to bless, and rarely, to fight.
But I wasn't born right. Birth defects, maybe. But I was born with the black wings of the demons that crawled the land and made our forefathers come to this world to protect the mortals running this land.

I am Kurami Tenshi, the Black Angel of the Tenshi clan, the demon-borne amongst the angel-borne.

Kurami Tenshi is the sole demon in the sea of the Tenshi clan's half angels, in the Village Hidden in the Sky. And she's proud of it.
But her clan isn't proud and give her the boot after 10 years of itching to throw her out. So what does she do when she's all alone with the Hidden Cloud that's sought her kekkei genkai for the past decade? Read to find out

Aww I love that term ... Them little twats better run to there bloody mums!
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1. There is no picture and 2. Yurokaze is Night wind, right?