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The Gang Leader's Sister

The Gang Leader's Sister

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CreativeDelinquents By CreativeDelinquents Updated Jun 25

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Finally leveling my eyes ahead I was met face to face with the same gaze that I had looked into before, but unlike before there was a slow doubt that built up inside of me which told me that he in fact was not the leader.

I didn't know if it was the slight look of confusion that was written in his features, or the hint of sadness that coated his eyes. Cocking my head to the side I looked at him, my eyes looking for other signs, but nothing appeared. The emotion, though, that had previously fluttered across his features immediately disappeared as he looked to somewhere behind me.
Following his gaze, my eyes widened as I met the twin pair of eyes which had looked at me with such tenderness years ago, but now were blank emotionless swirls. 

With that said his eyes were glued to me as they slowly widened, as if realizing who I was. My breath was caught in my throat as I noticed the patch on his black leather jacket, the same patch I had seen on every other gang leader I knew. Gathering myself I let a smirk I didn't mean morph into my features as I whispered, "It's good to know that my brother's actually alive. So, how've you been Jason?"

Andrea's life took a wrong turn once her brother, father, and mother abandoned her. From gangs to drinking, drugs to dealing, Andrea isn't the same sweet girl that Jason, her brother, left behind. Twelve years later, after leaving her gang, Andrea decides to take it upon herself to find her brother, but when she finds out that he is in with the most notorious gang known, Andrea decides she wants more than to just pay her brother a visit. With that said, Andrea never really knew the real dangers of being in a gang, but with not so happy re-union, an unexpected invitation, a sworn enemy, some surprising love, and unavoidable pain, life is about to show Andrea exactly what she is getting into, and it surely isn't what she expected.

_Ahna_ _Ahna_ Apr 20, 2014
Andrea sounds like such a badass!! XD  It would be awesome to see her in action in a movie!
                              I'm really intrigued to learn more about all these family relationships you're portraying, against the riveting gang background! Reading on...
_Ahna_ _Ahna_ Apr 20, 2014
Awesome opening!!! So much action and tension and you do a great job of pulling the reader in, wanting to know what happens next! Voted :D