Dreaming of Wormholes

Dreaming of Wormholes

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Kris Schumacher By Kschumacher Updated Feb 10, 2018

Andres is just a regular guy, living a regular uneventful life, when an unusual medical diagnosis thrusts him into the middle of an intergalactic conspiracy.  Is this the adventure that he's been looking for, or will it just end up cutting his time on Earth short?


This is a work in progress.  I'll be publishing and editing a little bit each week, and I do plan to release the full novel here on Wattpad.  I'm new to all of this and have a history of leaving things unfinished, so forgive me if I miss a day while I get into the swing of this.  I feel that the idea of working in public may be enough incentive to actually get it done.

  • adventure
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  • comedy
  • conspiracy
  • fantasy
  • ftl
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  • near-future
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  • scifi
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  • wormholes
MarcoD03 MarcoD03 Feb 15, 2018
I like this first chapter rhythm!
                              I'll give it a try!
                              PS: I'm also writing a story, hope you can check it out whenever you have time!
MG1440 MG1440 Feb 08, 2018
Was the doctor who made the diagnosis different from the one performing the biopsy?
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Feb 04, 2018
Either, "...today at noon if you'd like (to) just get it done today" or "...today at noon (and,) if you'd like(,) we can just get it done today" might read better
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Feb 04, 2018
Normally, I'm not a big fan of long opening lines. That being said, I LOVE imagery. Great first look into the character and his situation 👏
GMTSchuilling GMTSchuilling Feb 13, 2018
How about putting these two words into a stronger one? Rapidly perhaps?