Cheating on Luke Brooks

Cheating on Luke Brooks

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Tori Madeline was a typical 17 year old girl.  
Luke Brooks was a member of the worldwide known group, the Janoskians. Their totally different lives intertwine.   
No, it wasn't love at first sight.   
It was pretty much just hatred.   
Which makes this a hell of a story.   


Luke Brooks created a wide reputation, being the player that he was. Which would explain why Tori was hired to be his girlfriend, to stop the rumors of his player instincts and therefor, the group would not gain bad reputation.    

Luke is forced into this, and Tori is doing it just for the money. The only rule: Tori had to cheat on their 'relationship' in order to show Luke's innocence and vulnerability.      

But as an incident occurs, they are forced to work together to overcome it, and soon they begin to learn more things about each other.  What happens when hatred maybe-just maybe-turns into love? Most importantly, will they be able to say goodbye once it is all over?    

-A Janoskian/Luke Brooks fanfiction- 
DISCLAIMER: I know Luke is not like this, he is such a sweet guy, but it is a fanfiction! Meaning it is fakee! xo

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Biles_Baelinski Biles_Baelinski Dec 29, 2017
British and Australian accents are so different how can you mix them up??
gucjai gucjai Aug 26, 2015
I will if I get to have a foursome with him and his brothers
BabytheMermaid BabytheMermaid Jul 23, 2014
Hell yeah I'd be excited. even if I didn't like the Janoskians!