Undress.  We need to talk (Otayuri AU)

Undress. We need to talk (Otayuri AU)

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IceTigerOfRussia By IceTigerOfRussia Updated Sep 07

It's been about two years since Otabek and Yuri started their relationship. And although Otabek assured his lover when they started the relationship that he had no problem that Yuri wasn't ready to get sexually involved with the Kazakh, in time, as they got more and more comfortable, Yuri notices this sort of  coldness in Otabek's eyes. slowly his own lover doesn't even listen to him anymore, his feelings do not reach him anymore, and he couldn't explain it why.

That is until one day, when he came home earlier than usual, and heard some strange noises coming from their bedroom. He could clearly hear moans coming from their room... No... That couldn't be... Could it? Otabek would never do something like that, would he? He cracked the door open and one glance was enough to convince himself. The person he have been trusting for 2 years was cheating on him. 

Would that be the end of their relationship, or would Yuri try to forget everything and try to find a way to win back Otabek's heart? Would Otabek go back to his usual, gentle manner or did the feelings vanish for good?

I say you read and find out xD