The Alpha's Assassin (DISCONTINUED)

The Alpha's Assassin (DISCONTINUED)

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Queen Of Cliffhangers By SilverStream22 Updated Nov 01, 2014

Delena Castella has become a jaded adult due to her ex-boyfriend who she caught cheating. But when unexpected events push them together, she finds herself remembering his words to her after meeting again since their breakup: I'll make you mine, whether it's forced or of your own will.

As closed off as she wants to appear to be, Delena is looking for one thing: her parents. It's the only reason she's stepping up to the plate as an assassin, killing people for the information about her parents whereabouts.

Her job as a part-time bodyguard brings her to Ecstasy, the blooming night club. Encountering her ex, however, is the last thing she expects. Now caught onto her, Darius pulls her into his world of secrets where she finds out that not only do werewolves exist and she's a so-called mate to a certain Alpha, but other creatures as well. Creatures that want to eliminate the world of Alphas such as Darius. With a familiar deal-making blonde demoness and child-like predators stalking the pack at every corner, will Delena push away from the new hidden world she's been introduced to or become even more entangled in it?

Secrets are revealed and the truth comes into light as Darius and Delena work through their own personal conflicts as mates together while fighting an even bigger threat: The Shadow Wraiths.
______________________________________________________________  First Story Ever ~ Made March 2014 

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Mourning_Flower Mourning_Flower Apr 27, 2016
My god. Why you all so crazy? So a drunk dude grabbing on you and possibly about to take you forcefully for rape at his house, and you're going to just say no. Is it bad I would do that too?
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 May 11, 2016
Wow this book is really good so far keep up the good work 😀 😀
LuliTeixeira3 LuliTeixeira3 Jul 13, 2016
Don't know i keep watching :
                              Nick Bateman as Darius Valentine Romanov   AND
                              Marie Avgeropoulos as Delena Marie Castella
Fifi_o4 Fifi_o4 Sep 09, 2016
That is basically the description from the tv show beauty and the beast, which you also have the main character Vince on the front cover.
MulandraSnead MulandraSnead Jan 27, 2016
How do you date someone for four years and them not know your real name?
the_midnight_hour the_midnight_hour Jan 08, 2016
I officially hate her. What the hell gives her the opportunity to beat him up when he didn't even do anything.