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RainbowsRuleTheWorld By RainbowsRuleTheWorld Updated May 16

Brandon Hunter has a loving caring, although eccentric, family, he is financially stable, and has the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for.   

 So why was he cursed? And by cursed he meant by being "cute" even though he's a guy!   

He hated to admit it, he was called "cute" more times in his life not to, but he was cute. And not even in the "hot cute" way, but in the "awww cute" way. As in adorable.    

He's as straight as a board and yet he still gets hit on by guys!    

It's caused him more than enough trouble in his life. He cursed his baby face and height, but he cursed it even more when he walked into Rosewell High and came across Angel Ramirez, the school's bad boy that no guy challenged and every girl was head over heels for.  

Angel Ramirez thought he was straight until he laid eyes on Brandon. Now he wants him, and whatever he wants he gets.  

It doesn't matter to Angel whether Brandon wants him or not.  

But despite Angel's controlling and possessive nature could Brandon actually end up liking him? Or hating him even more? BoyxBoy

'Having amazing friends.' Which will ditch you at the end... Or probably not. I'm going to leave now, 'Le jump at the window'
Wolffire154 Wolffire154 Apr 03
This exact scene with being short has happened to me before. The finger biting and all.
Your still taller, I'm at 5'0 or 5'1 but i don't care cause there is a whole world out there that don't even know of.
TraffyBear TraffyBear Apr 11
I once had a girl wrap her arms around mine from behind and grope my chest in the hallway at my school. I was so embarrassed. (She was also an ex-friend that I hated at the time). It is awkward...
True friendships
                              "How'd you guys meet?"
                              "She saved me from a centipede"
Girl-In-The-Night Girl-In-The-Night 4 days ago
You better not grow anymore @Anime_boy3438 because my goal is to be taller than you😐 (which will probably never happen since I'm 5'4 and 15 and he is like 13 and the same height as me😑)