Steam and Thunder

Steam and Thunder

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David Wilkin By DavidWilkin Updated Mar 14, 2014

Steam and Thunder is the story of Jacklincoln Cartwright, or Jac as he is commonly known. The son of a Cartwright who lives in a world rather like the late fifteenth century of ours.   

Whilst a canal with the revolutionary idea of locks is being built near his home, Jac sees in his mind that steam from the kettle can make power to propel items. Jacklincoln at a very young age changes his Medieval period world into that of a Renaissance Era, with the use of steam power and invention.   

Transforming all his nation to what might be a RenTech (Renaissance Technology) based economy. Such that the country that has these inventions far outstrips the feudal agrarian neighbors setting the stage for an environment of political and social strife that will shake all the nations in a world war.  

Steam and Thunder is a full length novel shown here at Wattpad a chapter at a time.

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