In the novel

In the novel

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Maine Tollison a beauty that's unparalleled by anyone. 

"Umm excuse me are you describing me?"

Her beauty is just beyond words. And she knows it. 

"You know when you describe me it should be 'Maine Tollison who has pale pink hair with streaks of blue, fair skin, face that's super beautiful. In short a godde-- Hey! Are you listening?!"

Being beautiful of course she will aim for the guy who is just like her, a handsomeness unparalleled by anyone and his name is Jake Colton but the problem is, they're not meant for each other. 

"You've already moved on from the beautiful me? How mean! Wait......, Are you talking about Jake Colton? Well I guess it's alright then"

How'd she know this? It's all because she remembered her past life and that she's inside the novel and her role in this novel is to destroy his love with the main character. 

"You mean me being Margaret in my past life? Well it is a kind of sad life. But right now! I'm willing to take the rollercoaster of emotions!"

And since she remembered her past life. Maine has other hobbies aside from being beautiful.

"You mean my hobby about the piano? And the books? Oh! And also my hobby about having part-time job?! What, is that a bad thing?"

This is the story about how an egoistic girl survived from middle school, to her friends, to her family, to her highschool and to her feelings.

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