Tailwind: Poems by a Teenage Naturalist

Tailwind: Poems by a Teenage Naturalist

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JoJo By RavensAndWinter Updated Sep 27, 2018

🕊️A 2018 Watty's Longlisted Work!🕊️

...the girl asked the raven how she could fly. The Raven told her it was easy. 

All she needed was a tailwind to help her heart soar. 

Flight lets you see the world from a different perspective.  My eyes are open to the dangers we face.  Though I am young, though I am but one voice, I will be heard.  Even the greatest of the Dawn Chorus must start with a single note. Sometimes it is in the midst of our own personal struggles that we see the true beauty of the world for the first time.

This is my tailwind.
That will push me to the sky
Through each word and line and voice
You will hear Earth's tortured cry