The Peregrine, The Dragon, The Kraken, The Meercat, and The Wisp {DA1}

The Peregrine, The Dragon, The Kraken, The Meercat, and The Wisp {DA1}

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AwesomeGirl_Quinn By TheRavenAndEagle Updated Jan 03

Darune Academy, a place for those with magical talent. Located  in the north of it's continent , there are five houses.

House of Dragon, closely connected with fire magic
House of Kraken, closely connected with water magic
House of Peregrine, closely connected with air magic
House of Meercat, closely connected with earth magic
House of Wisp, closely connected with spirit magic

It's always been a safe place for those who attend. With it's classes taught by Council of 13 picked teachers, walls protected by powerful spells, and ancient roots, it has always seemed like an unbreachable  fortress. But when 5 students, each from very different backgrounds arrive, strange things begin to happen. The gods and goddesses of legend show themselves, creatures of evil appear out of nowhere, students have strange blackouts and visions, odd natural disasters strike, rumors of a group set on destroying magic surface, and ceremonies dating back centuries are disturbed, people begin to think something malevolent is going on.

The first book in the Darune Academy series.

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