He's Mine!!

He's Mine!!

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Dulce Dè Cocoa By OhThatsKhai_ Updated Sep 09


Love can make you do some crazy things. When you fall for two people it just never seems to end.. You push them to the point that love makes it seems vengeful.. 

But the end result is what's unforgettable..  Life can no longer be the same

pysqodelic pysqodelic May 26, 2016
ooooн ι goт мy ѕтarтer pacĸ and yeѕѕѕ тυpac and janeт
pysqodelic pysqodelic May 26, 2016
-cнυcĸleѕ on apple jυιce - ιм done ιм тнroυgннннн тυpac ιѕ a тrιp
- - May 05, 2015
this is really good. i  stop reading and watch tupac, "how do you want it" cuz the song kinda goes with this story. even this part
100kitty 100kitty Feb 15, 2015
Im literally about to cry rn, you got Tupac's personality on point. I could never do that, I always have to edit it hard core so it didn't seem like he was raised eating from silver spoons. T.T
OhThatsKhai_ OhThatsKhai_ Mar 23, 2014
@CortneySays Lol, this is something my co-writer and I can debate on for the rest of our lives.. You're smart ! Just wait over the next few chapters to pick who you choose or it'll just confuse you more * evil laugh *
- - Mar 23, 2014
maaaan, Lisa is my inspiration but Janet is bae loll. I'll wait before I decide who I want hubby to be with lol.