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‟Murder was her aim and heartbreak was her game.ˮ


While growing up with an assassin for a mother was frowned upon, it did have its perks. Especially when it came to learning how to defend yourself, which was something that Scarletta Versace had to learn to do at a very young age. 

Her mother was one of the most wanted women in the world, but that never stopped her from doing her job. She killed, end of story. But when she was finally caught, she didn't end up in jail. She was raped, murdered, and discarded like a piece of trash. 

And now Scarletta has a vendetta towards the world, hating it for allowing her mother to be taken away from her. So she does the only reasonable thing to do, she kills. 

But what happens when she's caught? And even worse, what happens when the person who caught her wants to help her?