What Lies Beyond

What Lies Beyond

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He was the reason for her sadness, she was the reason for his happiness and yet they connected instantly. It all starts with one simple meeting, two completely different people, one tragic and heartfelt love story.

Briar has faced many difficult challenges but nothing hurt more than losing her parents and having very little memory of it. Everyday seemed like just another day to live through and doing the same thing over and over, that is until she meet a man named Ren, who is the solution to all her problems but he also holds the key to her broken heart. But can she handle who is he really is, accept what life has thrown at her, and move on from her dark past? Or will she hang on to those memories she holds dear and give up her one chance at true love and a bright future?

What does the future hold for them both after years of pain, sadness, holding everything back and being alone with no one to understand their feelings?

Follow the story of Briar and Ren as they both take on the world together to escape their past, fix their present and go beyond to their future.


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I have never related to something more in my entire life....
This is the most beautiful thing I have read/heard in a long time ❤️
I've ben waiting for this story❤️❤️so far it's amazing😍😍
dizzydiamond123 dizzydiamond123 7 days ago
Loving this 💗💗💗💗 I love Claire’s way of thinking at the start
This story is so good and it’s the first chapter only 😁
- - Feb 02
Really enjoying this story so far girl well done this story is simply just beautiful.