Masked Truth  (KHR Tsuna fanfic)

Masked Truth (KHR Tsuna fanfic)

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Aphra Operalus By Tetsuya_Kimura Completed

"I won't give you a single clue to remove the curse Sawada Tsunayoshi"

Sawada Tsunayoshi was mute and useless with the reputation of Dame-Tsuna. Sawada Hayashi was atheletic and pretty much the idol of the school. They were twins yet Hayashi would step on Tsuna.

 Who would know that this Dame-Tsuna was Kaitou 27 or Hacker de Cielo, one of the greatest hacker in mafia history. What would happen when Reborn entered proclaiming he would train Hayashi as the tenth Vongola mafia boss? What are the dark secrets revolving around the two of them? What was the masked truth?

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KitekCasjel KitekCasjel May 17, 2017
I swear I am gona do check list of "How many times that Line show in fan fic" realy...every twin au have that?! Is it not boring?
BlueHDW27 BlueHDW27 Jun 20, 2017
Cuz you are so Undisciplined that you are like a pet being fed
Rima_97 Rima_97 Jun 17, 2017
My sisters and I can cook, just not to the same degree, the youngest can pretty much cook anything (she wants to be a chef), the middle one is best at making cakes, and I can also cook anything (so long as have a recipe) but I'm banned from the kitchen since I always make it extra spicy.
BlueHDW27 BlueHDW27 Jun 20, 2017
Course not. Your the No.1 Greatest Hitman, It's not like you are a professional tor-tutor
Sunshine156A Sunshine156A Dec 29, 2016
If my mother heard I'm pretty sure my brother/sister going to be lecture.
Little_Nuvola Little_Nuvola Dec 05, 2016
What kind of mother is that?!👩👩🙅🙅😡😡😤😤