Valhalla Descending

Valhalla Descending

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In a world filled with volcanic ash and cannibalism, grit and guts are the only things that keep you alive. 

Set in post-apocalyptic Seattle, survivors of the Yellowstone volcanic eruption fight the elements and one another for survival. When a young woman named Gambler is captured by a rival tribe, she must learn to adapt to a new foe: her own heart.


Thank you for reading my Wattpad debut novel! I wrote it several years ago but finally worked up the nerve to post it to Wattpad. It is mostly finalized, though it is occasionally edited to refine the wording or address grammatical errors (thanks, Grammarly).  The novel contains graphic themes and scenes. I did not put warnings on particular chapters because I trust that if you found this novel using a tag search or are reading this now, that you decided to forge ahead. I promise I have tried to treat these topics with the sensitivity they deserve while preserving the reality of human nature, especially our determination and resilience. 

As I wrote this story, I also listened to several songs on repeat, and it eventually became a soundtrack. The songs are being added into chapters, but their location may change over time as I refine the flow to align with the plot.  You can find the playlist on Spotify under the same name. The only song missing is "Decode" by Paramore, which normally appears before "Sleepwalker" by Paramore.

All rights are reserved by Antigone Greggson (pseudonym). Any appearance of this novel outside of the Wattpad platform without express written authorization of myself is an unlawful reproduction. If you are not reading this story outside of the  Wattpad website or app, I strongly advise you to be cautious of malware. Please feel free to notify me if you suspect pirating or unauthorized reproduction has occurred.

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AntigoneG AntigoneG Feb 18, 2018
Welcome to Valhalla Descending! Enjoy the ride, and feel free to leave comments as you read along!
loren_98 loren_98 Dec 29, 2018
I’m already in love you’re such a descriptive writer 🔥👏🏼❤️
YakkoLars YakkoLars Nov 11, 2018
Awesome beginning chapter. However to improve your writing I suggest you use more present verbs than past. That way the reader feels like they are in the action. And also I would appreciate it highly if you would read my story called VOID. It's also science fiction with alot of action.
jennylgale jennylgale Sep 03, 2018
More  expository than I would like for a first chapter, but on the whole, an amazing start.  Well told. Your descriptions and visuals, which have always troubled me when I write, appear effortless here.  Kept me riveted.
dustybluebells dustybluebells Jul 12, 2018
This is easily one of the best pieces of writing I've read on here! Loved this chapter x
AmberGrace23 AmberGrace23 Dec 22, 2018
He sounds disturbing, I assume no sexy men will come from this book ? 😭