broken ➳ afi

broken ➳ afi

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❝the pain, it's too much for me❞ 

❝all i've ever wanted to do was make it go away❞

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0BeepBeepRichie 0BeepBeepRichie Jun 29, 2017
I'd so use this for the rest of my life.
                              Mom: can you wash the dishes?
                              Me: remember that time I almost died....Tssss....Yeahhh
384stan 384stan Dec 12, 2014
This is absolutely amazing! I read the first chapter, and when I can I will definitely finish! I am so hooked already oh my god.
anongalaxygirl anongalaxygirl Jun 02, 2014
This is really good and I am looking forward to reading it all :)
combusting combusting May 04, 2014
this is flawlessly written omg.
                              i'm adding this to my library and I'll surely continue to read tomorrow! x