Possess Me

Possess Me

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Miss Barrons By Haggar_BMW Updated Jul 22

"... A trail of kisses went from my neck to my breast.
... My heart fluttered like a butterfly trapped in a cage, in the possession of a great dangerous & seductive predator.
Just like a butterfly, I was fragile, innocent to his touch. He turned out to be everything and everywhere. Uncontrollable, dominating me, slowly, bit by bit.
It begins with him following me, observing me, memorizing all of my actions, my choice of words, my decisions, my habits, my personality. Even how I do my hair and makeup everyday, as my daily routine. Every single thing, he remembered as he paid attention to the smallest detail.
Curiosity, that's what caused and kept him to pursue me.	
Afterwards, he craves attention. To do so, he began to play with my dreams and haunt the hell out of me, until I suspect something and notice his presence.
As my dreams taunted me to want and need him, soon I was also dragged into his game of curiosity.
I realized later on, that the more I desired to know and to discover who he was, the more he became real.
Soon, he was the air that I was breathing in.
Before I knew it, he took charge of my life. I was blinded by pure fascination.
Long story short, he was seeking my love.
Unexpectedly, he stole my warm and beating heart to relieve his own back to this life.
He wanted me. He wanted to possess me, to have me all to himself. And whatever he wants, he gets.
But I didn't know about any of this until it was too late. "

Tina has lived a very normal life. But her life just felt like a boring old routine, day & night. However, once she come's back from her vacation, something or someone has decided to become a part of her.             

 Love & desire something she can't hold on, yet so real but doesn't exist.

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baplov baplov Apr 12
I don't mean to be a bother, but don't you mean prOlogue ???😕
fayzzee fayzzee Mar 16
I love how you have started this. The description on how the phantoms power gets stronger is a great idea and it made a chill go down my spine.
1Destini 1Destini Oct 30
weird...but i wish this ghost was mine..love it so far, keep up the good work :)
Rey_books Rey_books Feb 26
You have such an unusual way of writting but i love it! You describe stuff in such detail that makes me feel like im literally living in the moment! I love your book Ennead as well!!! Still want mooree!
DarthChu1 DarthChu1 Sep 02, 2016
Never have I been so hooked by reading just the summary. So damn excited.
Edelinas Edelinas Jun 03, 2016
Well then that's a mighty fine ghost!! Where can I find one!!😆