Enemies (Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez)

Enemies (Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez)

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Chapter 1

Its been 4 years since the day Justin Beaver and I haven't met or done anything stupid to each other for a while. He was discovered in 2009 or 2008, I think. He doesn't care about me nor do I care about him. It was a good thing that him and I haven't seen each other or else things will get worse. I'm glad that he went off with his career and I'm off with mine.

"Selena! We need to talk! It's really important. It's about this summer. You wouldn't have to be bored or anything. I mean you do have an acting and singing career, but you need to socialize more, ya know? Anyways, come down here! Immediately!" My mom yelled from downstairs.

I quickly obeyed and went down the stairs.

" Yes, mom. What do you want to talk about?" I said.

"Okay. So, uhm, well, you're going to visit Justin and his family for the whole the summer. And you have to go there. No exception and no complaining. And if you try to do something stupid like going somewhere else, we would take all your privileges ...

-photo -photo Oct 07, 2016
Ha me thinking I have a thousand notifications when really I have none :(
GabriCella12 GabriCella12 Dec 19, 2016
My fifth grade teacher had a picture outside her door of Justin's head on a beaver that was so long ago but I still die every time I think about it
Becky-rose Becky-rose Feb 17, 2016
Poor Selena Gomez feel sorry for her that's something I'd say . *****
soberselena soberselena Sep 04, 2015
typical but my mom doesn't wave for me she just sends the bitçh face syndrome throu
soberselena soberselena Sep 04, 2015
even though Selena will never see this in a trillion years but ilyt selly :)
- - Aug 29, 2015
Yeah cause no one would look at a person who drives a  Lamborghini