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Kiss me one last time

Kiss me one last time

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Kelly By KelliQ Updated Aug 26, 2010

WARNING!!! GIVES AWAY STUFF!!!!!!!!!                               This is about a girl who was sent away by her clan ( of wolves and what not) to try and live a normal life ( because of a reason I cannot tell you). And she cant remember the clan, but then the wolf (Noah) tkaes her back to the clan, and there she meets everyone and they call her Flee. But then they have to seperate because the cops were going to check out their hiding spot. So now she is grouped up with some people and they go some place and then she notices some "powers" she has, which is transporting places. So then she regains memory of the clan and the person she loves... but she doesnt know if it was Noah or Seth.
So then something happens where people find out that they are half human and half wolf and they rty to kill them, and thats when she meets her real mom. But her mom is trying to kill her (because she doesnt know it's her daughter).
So then she feels rejected and stuff but then she finds out who her true love was...and she doesnt like who it was. So then she decided on wheather or not to go with her "true love" or not. And then the story ends with what she decides and what she learns...... that's what it is about :) 

- - Jul 14, 2014
This is good so far? Can you please continue? Pretty please?
KelliQ KelliQ May 20, 2010
Yeah, lol. Keep reading and you will see how she is one of THOSE moms.
                              She has too many kids to worry about at the school :P
Ren014475 Ren014475 May 20, 2010
Because her mom doesn't do anything :P she is one of THOSE moms.
KelliQ KelliQ Apr 25, 2010
@British_girl Yeah. It's a different boy. Because she said " I knew I wouldn't remember him after this" in the first part. So yeah... It's not John..... but that is the only spoiler I am giving away!
British_girl British_girl Apr 25, 2010
i love it. is it a diffrent boy in part,1 gues it is. n uplode more soon xD ;]
KelliQ KelliQ Apr 25, 2010
@girlslikeeboys Thanks.....about being excited about the story. what does shady mean? O.O
                              I'm really clueless when it comes to "Today's" sayings :P