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Rewrite of Just My Luck

Disclaimer: You will truly dislike the male lead in the novel. I strongly recommend not reading this book if you just want to see the main characters get together in a life full of mischief and love-be my guest and please-move on and discover a wonderful book that could do that for you. However, if you dare to still read and follow after the millions people that have decided to go ahead and read well be my guest and read about the character that I am truly terrified-PETRIFIED to write about. 

Cruel. Barbaric. Monstrous. Wicked. Brutal. Heart-rending. Diabolical. Blood thirsty. 

These are just a few things I would use to describe Alpha-not Paxton because I'm sure if you called him by his first name he would slit your throat. 

He's not evil. Not your typical bad boy Wattpad Alpha--oh no. If you've want some happy little love story about finding a girl finding her mate and living happily ever after then go ahead and swipe because that's not how Alpha rolls. 

Alpha is the type of person to gouge your eyes out because you made eye contact with him without asking for permission first. The type to make your husband or wife eat your kids right in front of you just so he can get a name out of you.

Charlotte on the other hand is absolutely nothing like him. The type of person to go to your house in the middle of the night on your birthday and give you a cake she made from scratch. 

So when Alpha finds out he won't be marrying his deadly fiancé and is now stuck with the epitome of happiness? 

How do you think Charlotte's parents, one of the most powerful members of the organization dedicated to ending werewolves find out she belongs to one of the most inhumane werewolves at all? 

I'm not very good at descriptions but trust me it's good.

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eccentricegocentric eccentricegocentric Apr 21, 2017
I remember this! I lost it somewhere in my reading lists and was wondering what had happened to it, and then it resurfaced under a different title!
StylesRule StylesRule Sep 25, 2016
I remember it and your username somewhere in the back of my mind but it's been so long that I can't clearly pinpoint what it was about. Then again, at the time of reading it I was just starting out high school and I'm a junior now .. Nonetheless, it still counts. 😂👌💯
WeslineJean WeslineJean Sep 10, 2016
I normally don't read books like this but I want to see how far I get.
LatinGirl_29 LatinGirl_29 Oct 16, 2016
Podrías publicar esta novela pero en Español? Te lo agradecería mucho 😢
I read the description and started shivering I was thinking I definitely need to read this book
zybella17 zybella17 Aug 28, 2016
I didn't even know just my luck was changed to alpha.  I loved just my luck but I'm glad the book is back