After Dark

After Dark

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Old friend. New killer. Are the two connected somehow? 

Bella Cullen's old friend Brooke Hale, visits her from Florida. Meanwhile, there's a new vampire in town who is creating havoc in Forks. Brooke also holds a deep, dark secret. Can the Cullens' figure it out before it's too late?

- - - - - I own the plot plus the added characters. Stephanie Meyer owns everything else. - - - - -

staceyy97 staceyy97 Dec 18, 2011
                              Thank you :) Hope you enjoy the next chapters
LovelyPride74 LovelyPride74 Dec 18, 2011
This is so good :) I'm going to keep reading  Twilight was a nice touch
staceyy97 staceyy97 Dec 06, 2011
                              Aww... Thank you so much :D
                              Gracias! =]
musicaltheatre24601 musicaltheatre24601 Dec 05, 2011
Very goood! I love how you based it on Twilight and any Twilight fan out there, like myself, gets to hear that bit more:) Really enjoyed it! You seem to know your facts really well so congrats!
Cejay120 Cejay120 Dec 05, 2011
wow, so many reads yet lil comments. well this is simply awsome ! i think twilight rules and so does this story!
xXStardust_DreamsXx xXStardust_DreamsXx Dec 04, 2011
I am not really a fan of Twilight, but the way you describe the whole scene, amazes me....