You Took It All Away

You Took It All Away

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DullyBeautiful04 By DullyBeautiful04 Updated Oct 22

Imagine a world where there is no freedom. 
Imagine a world where your identity is stripped bare and all that's left of you are the memories of the past. 
Imagine being forced into things you never signed up for. 
Imagine being sold.

That was Jane's world. 

Then Sebastian enters her world. A man who is the epitome of crime and danger. A man who destroys her, steals her innocence, uses her and breaks the very last pieces remaining in her soul.

They say there is a really thin line between love and hate.  So what happens when Sebastian crosses it? Can mistakes really be forgiven or will he drown in the misery of his actions and kill her in the process?
    [He walked, strolling confidently across the room, looking at me as if I was a piece of meat. I knew that look well, too well.   I could feel his breath on my neck. He brought his hands onto my body, running through my arms slowly, approvingly smiling at what he had found. I tried to calm myself down but his actions weren't helping.   He leaned down to my ear and whispered, "Take off your clothes."]  
  Warning: This story contains DARK THEMES. Read at your own risk.

The winter is probably looking at itself with self disgust or something😟❄
It's making me laugh how this story starts off bashing my favorite season haha
I was born in January but I don't like celebrating birthday 😂 still I find winter amazing
Wow, I'm hooked.  You got my interest.  Hook ,,line and sinker.
DAMMIT not even that far in and you're already gonna make me cry
Get_Out_And_Live Get_Out_And_Live Dec 11, 2015