The Not-So-Nerd

The Not-So-Nerd

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*WARNING: this story is absolutely atrocious right now. Just a warning before you read*

 Ashley Benson was a normal Irish teenager. But then her dad dropped the bomb.

They were moving to America.

Leaving her two best friends, Leo and Will, behind, they moved to California, America. 

Surviving her slut of a twin sister, her snob of an older brother and her parents that always stuck up for them was hard enough.

But then Caleb and his little gang had to join her life as well on one unfortunate night that she had been spending with the only sibling of hers that she actually liked, Luke.

Ashley never even stopped to think of the consequences that night when she punched Caleb.

And from that moment on, he never planned on leaving her life. 

*Warning: some violence (not much) and cursing.*

Cover credit to yourstrulytrina
Trailer credit to holliehannah

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WarriorLuna14 WarriorLuna14 Aug 14, 2017
You know like that!
                              Like just cuz their a bitch don't mean they're cheerleaders. 
                              I mean where I'd she gonna find the time to be a cheerleader and a hoe?! 😕😕
_shaniiice_ _shaniiice_ Nov 29, 2017
watch ! The person she falls in love with gonna have blue eyes guys
NinjaBacon12 NinjaBacon12 Feb 01, 2017
I'm 6'1, blonde hair and grayish blueish eyes, with wide shoulders and some belly fat 
                              I am a large person 
                              I clear the path in the halls for all my short friends
KewtestKenzie KewtestKenzie Dec 28, 2016
I would hang out with guys if all the dudes at my school weren't psychopaths, incredibly upbeat, childish, or actually liked me for me but sadly they are._.
MiracleIsTrash MiracleIsTrash Jan 16, 2017
um I kinda don't like Arinna so I'll just pretend she's Bridgit mendler
Sarani_onella Sarani_onella Sep 17, 2016
Practically described me but I would NEVER pass up a partying oppotunity 😂😂