Not Today | BTS ✓

Not Today | BTS ✓

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˗ˏˋ ᴊᴇᴀɴɴɪᴇ ˊˎ˗ By -idiosyncratic Completed

"To all the underdogs in the world: a day may come when we lose, but it is not today. Today, we fight!"

In which eight people are brought back to life as zombies to defeat an army of monsters terrorizing their city.

Started: 03/14/2018
Finished: 03/25/2018
Edited: 05/22/2018

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stereoids stereoids Mar 15
t z u n i k a. I can officially die I love this omf its tzus and my ship name :")
Wait so if nika was naked.... THE REST OF THEN ARE NAKED TOO?!?!
When I saw what the book was about I got so excited that I started to fangirl and laugh because it was so hilarious. 😂
                              (The longest sentence I've probably have ever written, show some respect)