Slave to the dark prince

Slave to the dark prince

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in the human world we have a mutural knowing of vampires, werewolves, fallen angels, faires, angels, shape shifters, etc.

But we usually are left alone.

except for every two years when the prince of fallen angels comes looking for s mistress or slave.

today was the day alot of girls went to see him. to see if he was real and for hope that he'd pick them to be his mistress.

i was going since my mom forced me.i was embrassed since my mom's a witch literally she put magic on this dog collar and leash and put them on me.

You might wonder why and it's so that if i don't go to the place my dog who going to come after me in like twenty minutes can dragged me back. But if i touch the collar to try to get it off i'm shocked.

When i got outside the building where the price should be i rubbed my scent all over the outside walls so it smelled like i was in there.

"What are you doing?" a guy's voice laughed.

"leaving my scent so my dog thinks that i'm with the prince"

"oh and you don't wan...

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lovebite_mmmmm lovebite_mmmmm Apr 30, 2017
I will kill my mother if she ever have the nerve to put a collier on me
ericaocean30 ericaocean30 Jul 27, 2016
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
                              Collecting your jar of hearts
                              And tearing love apart
                              You're gonna catch a cold
                              From the ice inside your soul
                              So don't come back for me
                              Who do you think you are?
IsabelaRay IsabelaRay Jul 23, 2012
                              I cannot continue reading this story. I liked the overall idea, just the grammar and spelling is horrendous.
athynai athynai Jan 06, 2012
it would probably be a nice story if it was edited and the grammar was it is, I couldn't understand much from it.
AlanaMartin AlanaMartin Aug 14, 2010
that would be cool if she had wingss!!! like she turned into an Angel or something. AWESOME. well i guess i'll see
nightwalker nightwalker Jun 18, 2010
@iSarah Yeah i know sorry, i've have always cheated on my spelling test. but now i don't have any anymore.