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"Omg! thank you, thank you! you won't regret it"I hang up the phone and squeal.I finally have job it may just be cleaninng homes for a living but its better then being broke.

My names Angel Martinez, and no I'm not Hispanic...well my father's Jamaican and Cuban hence the last name, but my mothers fully black which makes me 75% black and 25% Cuban......I was think.Well anyways I live in Miami, Florida, I'm a big, like I'm really a big girl at the age of 22 I weight 215 pounds with a height of 5'4 not proud of it, I'm the complete opposite of it, but I work it.I have blue eyes with jet black mid-back hair (which I dyed).

I grab my bag and lock my 2 bed and 2 1/2 bath apartment which over looks South Beach.How I can afford that place? My father owns the building he gave it to me as a college graduation present.

I pass the elevator and go down the stairs.I can try and losse a few pounds.I get in my little put put and make my way to the address given to me over the phone.


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