You had your chance *NOT FINISHING*

You had your chance *NOT FINISHING*

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Kirsten N. Kidd By The_Golden_Wolf Updated Jan 16, 2015

I roughly shove the piece of shit people call an alpha against the wall. My forearm pressed against his throat cutting off air. 

"What?! Now that I'm back and no longer that pathedic excuse for life, that shy timid scared of everything little girl is gone. So baby I'm back and I'm better then ever don't think your gonna get me back just because you show a little interest." I was switched positions so now I was on the wall but my hands were pinned above my head tingles shot through my wrist and all the way up my arms. 

"I made a mistake I should have accepted you the second I found you! I was just stupid and a moron. I love you, I want you!" I look at him with love in my eyes, and he smiles. 

"Oh so Now you want me? Well isn't that just to damn bad." I bring my knee up and connect it with his manhood. He release me and I step over him. "Bye Alpha." 

"Lillian Brooks, I will have you! You are mine!" He screams as I walk away.

"Have fun with that big shot!" I scream turning around and flipping him the bird with both hands. "One more thing I never got to say. Fuck you!" Then I left. 

"Senior year is gonna be good!" I say to myself as I walk out of the school.
A rejection story turned into something more then just them but the whole werewolf world.

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Copyright date 2014

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theRomanceGeek theRomanceGeek Mar 04, 2016
Wow I see I found myself the sassy book. I'm star to read. COME AT ME BOOK!!! LETS SEE WHAT U GOT!!!😈😈 hit me with your best shot!👊🏻
jk199401 jk199401 Aug 16, 2015
Already love the book!!! Definitely going to be a great read
WrittenWithPride WrittenWithPride Apr 13, 2015
It doesn't matter if it's spelt wrong.... We can all see that it's prologue regardless of how it's spelt. I think that this is funny and idc if it was meant to be spelt this way or if it was just a typo. Either way, just let it go. Nobody cares I it was spelt wrong or not.
_PinkieSwear_ _PinkieSwear_ Apr 12, 2015
Demon_Halphas Demon_Halphas Apr 09, 2015
Man this must be some professional log.
olivia_coleman92 olivia_coleman92 Mar 26, 2015
That's one boss log
                              Am I the only one that read it as 
                              pro-log like not even because of the typo I just instantly separated it into pro-log