Supreme 5 Scenerios

Supreme 5 Scenerios

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Deathless_Heathen By LadyDangerous Completed

Lui: I never agreed to this.

Xander: Well, when you think about it, we really didn't have a choice...

Zac: Who cares, I'll be in the spotlight! Again!

Free: *yawns* As long as I don't do stupid things.

Shu: Have you read the last two books? Author-chan made us do nothing BUT stupid things.

Lui: I'd say enjoy, but I guarantee this won't end well.

Zac: *already singing*

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Free... Free!... Free! Iwatobi Swimclub/ Free! Eternal Summer. (Anyone who's watched Eternal Summer: Who else feels a storm of emotions? Like, I feel sad, happy and nostalgic. My heart hurts but I'm also happy. No? Just me. Nah, I doubt that.
Nice dive Shu.... also Free please don’t kill me I need to watch the Beyblade Burst episodes
I’m picturing him diving in the pool with his everyday clothes on lmao
Jammer29401 Jammer29401 Feb 07
They'd lose too much blood
                              They'd DIE of BLOOD LOSS
                              Help them
                              call a doctor today